What emerged was a tired litany of boondoggles (grants to train police in “active shooter” scenarios), silliness (more gun control and use of no-fly list as justification for banning gun purchases), the dangerous (a new Homeland Security agency focusing on “homegrown terrorism”), and the bizarre (studying encryption). How any one this would have affected the San Bernardino shooting is anyone’s guess as none of it addressed the root cause: the pervasive presence of radical Islam in the American Muslim community.

The most interesting idea, and by interesting I mean totally divorced from reality, was proposing a “ISIS Czar.”

Among the proposals that will be incorporated into a comprehensive bill was the creation of an “ISIS czar,” or one point person in the federal government to coordinate the response to the terrorist group. According to a Reid aide, the bill includes 12 main components aimed at foreign and domestic policies.

“Senate Democrats support President Obama’s plan to fight ISIS and protect America,” Reid said on the Senate floor. He later added, “We also know that we can do more to fight terrorists.”

According to the aide, the foreign policy components of the bill would involve an ISIS czar; new sanctions against institutions that “knowingly facilitate financial transactions with ISIS;” a new “stabilization fund” aimed at helping Jordan and Lebanon deal with the flow of Syrian refugees; confirming Adam Szubin as Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial crimes; improving intelligence sharing among allies, and developing a “comprehensive strategy” against ISIS propaganda.

(read the actual document here, but the site is very slow– sort of a metaphor for [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ].)

Take a moment as savor the progressive solution to each and every problem: another layer of government. There are already existing structures to manage a comprehensive assault on ISIS around the globe, they are located within the Pentagon and at Langley and in the Old Executive Office Building. Adding one more bureaucrat and a clutch of strap hangers is not going to make Obama’s feckless campaign more or less effective.

The other newsworthy point is Reid’s tying the San Bernardino shootings directly to ISIS. This is a step that Obama has been unwilling to take.

Except for the two proposals dealing with firearms, the rest should have been done years ago by Obama without any Congressional action and the actual question is why it took a mass shooting by Islamic terrorists in California to make the Democrats actually care about them.