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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as they announce they will shut down every freakin bridge in any state that votes against Trump (AP Photo/LM Otero; caption by me.)

No. Seriously. They are fine with it. See:

Tim Miller was Jeb Bush’s communications director. Not to be outdone, chief strategist David Kochel weighed in:

Even though they were rivals, it undoubtedly is galling to Bush people to see a guy they thought was a lot like their own candidate endorsing Trump. But when you spend money the way these guys did, and drive your candidate from the catbird’s seat in June to out of the race in February, you sort of lose the right to be overly critical of anyone else. Jeb could have had an impact back in October when his meltdown was obvious even to random bloggers. He could have endorsed Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz and campaigned on their behalf, raised money for them, and unleashed Right to Rise super PAC on Trump. But that would have meant no payday, wouldn’t it?