Yesterday, Lewandowski again ended up in a physical altercation, this time with what looks like a 12-year-old protester.

What is disturbing about both of these incidents, but especially the one in the video above, is that there is no reason for Lewandowski to do anything beyond asking security people to handle it. Where in the Michelle Field episode he at least had the excuse that he was walking with the candidate, in the last one he is out in the crowd, near protesters, seemingly courting conflict… because he knows security is there to save his ass if it comes to that.

Lewandowski is a symptom of just about everything that is wrong with the Donald Trump campaign and what would be wrong with a Donald Trump presidency. He is a little man put into a position of power than he is psychically unable to adapt to. He’s using that position to act out on the combined frustrations a life full of rejection, failure, inadequacy, and tiny hands. This type of behavior does not stop with pushing protesters around. If someone has the time or inclination to dig into other parts of his campaign management they are going to find a lot to report on.