This weekend, the news about Donald Trump isn’t what he’s saying, it’s what he’s not saying.

April 10 marked the first time since November that Trump did not take part in the Sunday morning TV interview circuit.

With the GOP frontrunner enjoying a commanding lead in New York state polls ahead of the April 19 primary, the silence seems emblematic of a new approach.

WNYC Radio host Brian Lehrer said on “Reliable Sources” on Sunday that Trump may be employing the “Rose Garden strategy” — a reference to past presidents staying at the White House and avoiding interviews while seeking reelection.

Really? Rose Garden strategy? Nope.

Trump’s campaign is in such a state of disarray that it may not be savable. To make matters worse his habit of harping on poll numbers is about to bite him in his shriveled ass. In Pennsylvania the vote is basically advisory. Just a small number of delegates are actually bound and the rest are literally freelancers. He’s touting his 50%+ polling in New York. However, New York voting laws require anyone wishing to change their party affiliation to have done so last October. Throughout this campaign, Ted Cruz performs about 5-10 points higher than he polls and Trump performs about 5 points below polling. Trump must literally win every single congressional district in New York in order to have a prayer of breaking the 1273 delegate threshold that would give him a first ballot nomination. He didn’t go on the Sunday shows because he knows those would be the subjects of discussion and he doesn’t want to talk about the fact that he’s a loser doing the only thing losers do well, which is lose.

I have to admit more than a little ambivalence. On the one hand we didn’t have to listen to the balderdash and blatant bullsh** this guy generates. On the other hand, his virulent stupidity on these shows usually gives me fodder for a couple of posts.

There is no mysery. Trump is simply hiding from the media and spending his time in front of fawning crowds of people who will not be able to vote in the primary election and telling them that the system is corrupt, that their vote won’t count but that they should vote anyway.