Yesterday, Ted Cruz was in Irvine, CA, and while there, with the help of an appreciative audience, had some fun at Donald Trump’s expense.


It then went on to Wisconsin. Now in Wisconsin, the day before the election Donald Trump stood up and promised quote “a big victory in Wisconsin.” Well, he was right, he just wasn’t clear who was getting the victory. Because we saw a landslide election in Wisconsin, 48 percent of the vote beating Donald Trump by 13 points.

And then in Colorado this past week. They had a total of eight election across the state. Seven. In each of the seven congressional districts and then one state-wide at their convention. In those eight elections they elected a total of 34 delegates. Out of those 34 we won 34.

Now, in response, Donald has been yelling and screaming… a lot of whining. I’m sure some cursing. And some late night fevered tweeting. All the characteristics, I would note, we would want in a commander in chief.

And the latest thing he’s seized upon is when people vote against him they’re stealing the election. It is a really odd notion. “What is this democracy of which you speak? Wait. Wait. You mean voters get to vote?” No, no, no. The New York Times told Donald Trump he gets to be president. Actually, to be fair, they said he gets to be the Republican nominee and then hand the election to Hillary.

This did not make Trump fellatisto, Jim Hoft — a sad, broken, tiny little man who sold his integrity, such as it was to begin with, to tell any lie Trump wants him to tell — who blogs as “Gatewaypundit” happy:

In fact, Hoft’s incrdibly dishonest cut of the video ends in a way to make it seem as though Ted Cruz is disparaging the idea of democracy.

Levity aside, Ted Cruz makes two great points here. First, never in my life time has a person as manifestly un-serious and unmanly sought the presidency. And my memory goes back to the early Pat Paulsen runs. Trump’s entire demeanor, everything about him from his truly bad hair, to his trophy wife, to his failed business dealings, to his consciously ostentatious display of wealth, to the people he hires, to his interviews as a candidate screams “poseur” when it isn’t howling “dipstick.”

That is the point that Trump and his mildly retarded online fans seem to miss. The Colorado delegate selection was done by a convention where actual Republicans voted. There was no depriving of the people of a right to vote because all people don’t have the right to vote for whom the GOP will put forward as its nominee for president. The idea that something is unfair because a party is limiting voting to party members is so bizarre that it doesn’t even merit consideration.

Cruz has also hit upon the best weapon for combating Trump: ridicule. Trump is so far beneath the contempt of normal, average people that to take him seriously is to demean yourself.