The phenomenon is not limited to Indiana. Everywhere the flailing Trump “organization” fails, and that is virtually everywhere, threats of violence follow. Colorado State GOP chair, Steve House, received death threats for merely running the state convention according to the rules the Colorado State GOP had agreed to in August. IN FREAKIN AUGUST.

Now, with delegate selection underway in Virginia, a new round of threats has been generated:

If you search his name on Twitter you will find his timeline is jammed with abusive tweets from racists and other assorted mouth-breathers like:

(I’m assuming he means “white” when he says “your own people” but, in fairness, he could mean no-foreheaded mouth-breathing cretins.)

This is not accidental. It did not develop organically. Donald Trump henchman Roger Stone has been inciting violence for a few weeks. He has not only called for riots at the Cleveland GOP convention, he has threatened to direct mobs to the hotel rooms of delegates who are underwhelmed by the idea of voting for Donald Trump. This has led to at least one call that his inciting riots and assaults be investigated as a criminal offense.

Stone isn’t bright enough to actually organize anything. But he is dangerous in a profoundly careless way. He is winding these morons up to try to intimidate the RNC into doing something they simply can’t do, bind Trump’s delegates beyond the ballots required by state law or party rules. Sooner or later, however, one or more of these assclowns is going to hurt someone.