If John Kasich’s pseudo-campaign was ever going to catch on fire, one would have thought that his victory in Ohio would have done it. But it didn’t.

Even with the Ohio win and his proponents claiming he is the best candidate, donors basically gave him a firm “yeah…. no”.

To put this in perspective. Kasich finished February with $1.25 million cash on hand. He may have raised more money in March than in February but he spent more money than he raised and so he’s now in a worse position than he was before winning Ohio.

We know that Kasich dumped $500,000 into Wisconsin… what we don’t know is the percentage of that outlay that happened in April… and it would be hard to imagine that he didn’t spend heavily in New York. The April primary schedule is where Kasich has to show progress and it is difficult to see how he raises money at March levels, with no real path forward, and without that fundraising he will be on the ballot in a lot of states but he won’t be competing in any real sense.

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