That was a rhetorical question.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is reportedly hiring another veteran political operative to help him win delegates required to secure the nomination, Bloomberg News reported.

Ken McKay, who worked as Chris Christie’s campaign manager before the New Jersey governor dropped his presidential bid, will work as a senior adviser for Trump’s campaign on the team led by convention manager Paul Manafort.

McKay is the third campaign manager of a former rival who is joining Trump’s team.

The front-runner previously hired Rick Wiley, Scott Walker’s former campaign manager. Ed Brookover, who formerly worked on Ben Carson’s campaign, also joined Trump’s team.

Quick math test, add up the delegates won by the campaigns run by Brookover, Wiley, and McKay. That should give you an idea of what they are worth.

Do you know what two things all these guys have in common? 1) They are losers as demonstrated by their history of losing. 2) They can spend campaign money like a drunken sailor in that Pearl of the Orient, Olongapo City. The fact that Donald Trump has allegedly invested $20 million of his own money is like chumming the water for these scavengers. When you throw into the mix alleged Russian mob fixer, Paul Manafort, you have a critical mass of #FAIL rarely witnessed outside an Obama Cabinet meeting.

What do you think these guys are going to do besides spend a lot of money, accomplish nothing, and then blame Trump when it all goes Chernobyl. The fact that Trump hasn’t yet figured out he’s the mark in this con is pretty much in keeping with how Trump does business in general.

Whatever Corey Lewandowski’s weaknesses, he had an intense loyalty to his candidate, not just to the paycheck. He was out of his depth, for sure, but there is no evidence that anyone Trump has hired is anything but the captain of their own particular version of the Titanic.  This is a repeated theme in Trump’s various ventures. He is so insecure that he insists on hiring subservient types who are not smarter than he is — and we are talking about the left side of the intelligence Bell Curve, here — and who won’t challenge him. This is the story of Trump mortgage. And it will be the story of his campaign.