Guam is shaping up to be the focal point of the slowly intensifying crisis with North Korea. The major airfield on Guam, Andersen AFB is a hub for flying B-1B bombers to South Korea. Twice North Korea has threatened to strike Guam, most recently yesterday, because of the B1-B flights.


And it seems like some North Korea missiles are in the process of being moved.



Japan has moved its Patriot missiles to attempt an interception, or so it seems, during the boost phase of any launch.

If North Korea does launch missiles towards Guam, the situation becomes extremely dangerous. A boost phase interception is not going to make the North Koreans happy. And US authorities will have a very short window of time, the time of flight is only 18-minutes, in which to decide if this is Kim making a statement or if the missiles contain nuclear warheads and this is a first strike.