The Obama White House Gave $200K to a Known Al-Qaeda Group but Why?

FILE – In this Jan. 2, 2017, file photo, a Somali soldier patrols the area of a suicide car bomb attack in Mogadishu, Somalia. The Pentagon wants to expand the military’s ability to battle al-Qaida-linked militants in Somalia, potentially putting U.S. forces closer to the fight against a stubborn extremist group that has plotted attacks against America, senior U.S. officials said. (AP Photo/Farah Abdi Warsameh, File)


The Obama Administration definitely had a solid bro-mance going with Islamist terrorists. CAIR was a regular visitor in the White House. If there was any purpose at all in the Obama administration’s embrace of the so-called Arab Spring, it was to give control of much of the Arab world to the Muslim Brotherhood or al-Qaeda inspired Islamists. Iran was given carte blanche to act as a regional superpower, even to the extent of its humiliating capture of US Navy craft and parading them before television cameras, not to mention the disastrous decision to grant sanctions relief and give Iran a major infusion of cash and helping Iran repatriate some $5.7 billion held in Gulf State banks. Once, a member of a US-designated terrorist organization was invited to the White House rather than being arrested. Not only did the Obama administration have a history of coddling Islamist radicals, it also funded them. Via USAID, it gave money to a Pakistani group that launched riots to protest the arrest of a guy who killed a former Pakistani official who opined that its blasphemy laws were being used to target Christians.

Now, by way of National Review, we see that the funding of terror-related groups was not an unusual practice in the Obama administration.

The Middle East Forum has discovered that the Obama administration approved a grant of $200,000 of taxpayer money to an al-Qaeda affiliate in Sudan — a decade after the U.S. Treasury designated it as a terrorist-financing organization. More stunningly, government officials specifically authorized the release of at least $115,000 of this grant even after learning that it was a designated terror organization.

Read the story for the details. Bottom line, somebody, somewhere, allowed an al-Qaeda affiliate to obtain a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number and made them an authorized vendor for the US government.

Hopefully, as time passes, more of this will start to come to light. Clearly, the Obama administration didn’t take Islamist terrorism as a serious threat, they seem to have had the kind of romantic attachment to al-Qaeda and the like that a lot of New York pols had for the Irish Republican Army, and they were not hesitant in the least in trying to normalize and mainstream terrorist groups and groups, like CAIR, who front for terrorist groups.