Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa holds the gavel close while listening to testimony by Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Javier Garcia Padilla on Puerto Rico’s fiscal problems, Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Puerto Rico and its debt crisis takes center stage in Congress as its governor testifies before a Senate panel about the U.S. commonwealth’s financial woes and the demands of creditors.(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

A couple of hours ago the legal team for Christine Ford, this would be the California woman with a pathological fear of flying who got her PhD in Hawaii (I’m not making that up) who has claimed against all evidence and reason that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh groped her at a drunken high school party some 37 years ago, sent a sniveling response to the Senate Judiciary Committee complaining about the ground rules.


Pat Caddell, Dead at 68

Now the Senate has replied.

This looks like the conditions originally set by the Committee are in effect. Ford will testify first. The questioning will be done by either Committee staff or by Senators. There will be no witnesses other than Ford and Kavanaugh.

What Ford’s team had been demanding, other than the Senate act as a collegiate Title IX investigation Star Chamber, was that she be able to bring voodoo doctors and psychologists, but I repeat myself, in to testify how victims of trauma can’t remember sh** except what a Republican did to them. Reading a bit into this statement, it seems like Ford’s team was saying that Ford was entitled to have her own attorneys question Kavanaugh.

At this juncture, I can’t see how this ends well for Ford. There are four witnesses, on the record, who deny any such party took place. All the witnesses were put forward by Ford as people who could corroborate her story. If she testifies, the main point is going to be a) why she doesn’t remember major points and b) why no one she said was with her remembers anything. In the end, she’s not even going to be Anita Hill, outside of harded SJWs and #MeToo-ers, she will have been discredited. Too bad for her but a very good thing for the Republic.

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