BREAKING. New York Times Nearly Calls Bullsh** On Avenatti's Story

This undated photo of Julie Swetnick was released by her attorney Michael Avenatti via Twitter, Wednesday, Sept. 26. 2018. The Senate Judiciary Committee is reviewing allegations by Swetnick, accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, a panel spokesman said. (Michael Avenatti via AP)


Her allegation was like a James Bond martini, it left you more shaken than stirred. It had obviously been written after the release of Kavanaugh’s high school journals because “Beach Week” figured prominently in the allegation.

In short, she claimed that as a 20-year-old college student who had graduated from a run-on-the-mill public high school that she frequently partied with high school students from some of the most elite private schools in the DC area. During those parties drinks were served that had been spiked with grain alcohol or drugs in order to make targeted girls unconscious and then boys would “run a train” on them.

She claims that she saw Kavanaugh at all these parties and she believes he may have boinked her once when she was passed out.

The Senate Judiciary Committee offered to interview her and it seems as though they might have

The New York Time, hot off their expose of Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook, was also all over it.

Unlike two other women who have accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, one who went to college with him and another who went to a sister high school, Ms. Swetnick offered no explanation in her statement of how she came to attend the same parties, nor did she identify other people who could verify her account.

In a brief interview, Mr. Avenatti said he had witnesses who could back up Ms. Swetnick’s accounts, but was not ready to present them because he was waiting to see if the Senate Judiciary Committee would begin a full investigation into her claims as he demanded, along with an F.B.I. inquiry. In her statement, Ms. Swetnick said she would be willing to appear before the committee.

Mr. Avenatti also said he was waiting to hear back from the committee before making Ms. Swetnick available for interviews. Asked why Ms. Swetnick would be attending parties with high schoolers during her college years, Mr. Avenatti said that the parties in question included people of both high school and college ages.

None of Ms. Swetnick’s claims could be independently corroborated by The New York Times, and her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, declined to make her available for an interview.

I suspect the New York Times and most other media, other than CNN and MSNBC, are going to be reluctant to go too far out on a limb given the nature of the claim and the person pushing it. The fact that the New York Times mentions items that call Avenatti’s bona fides into question shows a degree of skepticism unusual in the NYT when it comes to reporting of Republicans or conservatives.

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