Yes, Soros and Clinton and Obama Received Letter Bombs. No, I'm Not Going to Apologize for It Happening

** FILE ** In this July 19, 2006, file photo Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., speaks with Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., right, during the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Washington. Clinton and likely Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama met privately Thursday night June 5, 2008 to talk about uniting the Democratic Party. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File )


On Monday, a crude pipe bomb was found in a mailbox at one of George Soros’ many residences. Today more devices were delivered addressed to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. A device addressed to NBC/MSNBC contributor and former CIA director John Brennan was delivered to CNN. Another device was addressed to Eric Holder but the address was wrong and it was returned to the office of Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Wasserman Schultz’s office was reportedly on the return address of the bombs sent to Clinton and Obama.

According to reports, the construction of the devices is similar. The packaging is similar. We don’t know who sent it though I suspect with this number of devices the person who sent them will be caught in the near future.

The office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo also received an alleged explosive device but I haven’t seen a comparison of the similarities with the others, though the coincidence of two bombers operating on the same days is rather much to credit.


This is the device.

(BTW, for the LEO’s, isn’t giving a reporter this kind of access to evidence sort of unusual?)

Naturally, just like the media blames all gun owners for every shooting, now they are blaming all conservatives and Republicans for these bombs.

And there was more:

On MSNBC, correspondents have been insinuating the suspicious packages’ can be tied back to Trump, in that the intended recipients have all been criticized by the president. The package sent to CNN was addressed to former CIA director, John Brennan, whom NBC’s Hans Nichols noted recently had his security clearance stripped at Trump’s behest.

“All of these people seem to have something in common,” MSNBC’s Craig Melvin said. “We know that CIA Director Brennan has also been a critic here, a vocal critic of the Trump Administration.”

“Yeah, I mean, the targets are fairly obvious,” MSNBC’s Clint Watts replied. “They’ve all been either brought up by the president or were opponents of him in different contexts.”

On CNN, White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny likewise connected the threats back to Trump.

“Certainly a question for the president and the White House, is his rhetoric and his supporters that have been giving out, in these several weeks leading up to the elections, is that connected to any of this?” he asked. Zeleny also said those receiving bombs were criticized by Trump.

“The president is being briefed on this,” Zeleny reported. “So far they’re not saying we’re asking if he has a comment to the sense that all these packages are being sent to all these places he has criticized. As we’ve covered the rallies across the country, the rhetoric is extraordinarily intense. 13 days before the midterm elections. Indeed, it has been for a long time. We do not know if there is a correlation or not, but we are asking the White House for the president’s view on the rhetoric specifically. If he has an answer, we’ll let you know.”

On ABC, the hosts of “The View” said “it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes” to connect the attacks to Trump.

“I’ve been texting with my former colleagues at CNN and they’re scared. And one colleague — former colleague said, ‘This is what happens when the president calls you the enemy of the people’,“ Sonny Hostin said.

When Hostin’s copanelist, Abby Huntsman, said it’s too soon to draw inferences, Hostin shot back: “Why didn’t Fox News get the bomb?” And Joy Behar said, “You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes,” to connect this to the president.

On CNN, Wolf Blitzer reported that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Florida office was being evacuated. As of this report, it’s unclear why, but Blitzer nonetheless drew a link to Trump. In reporting the breaking news, Blitzer mentioned that she was “another sharp critic of the president.”

On MSNBC, the former Hillary Clinton aide and deputy secretary of state under President Obama, Philippe Reines, said “There is no human being more responsible for the climate we’re in than”

This is my favorite:

As much as it pains me to do this, I completely endorse John Hawkins on this:

This is President Trump’s statement:

If it turns out that it was someone of conservative leanings, well that’s just too bad. It was a dumb move politically and it was indefensible morally (who really thinks Soros picks up his own mail, or Obama, or Clinton?), and I hope they go to prison for a very, very long time. But f*** these people if they think I accept any blame, responsibility, or ownership for what happened. I don’t. Sending letter bombs is not something I endorse so I have nothing to apologize for or feel ashamed of, nor do I have any reason to change a single thing I am doing politically. Clinton runs an ongoing criminal enterprise. Obama and Holder would happily kill you to further their political goals. Nothing would make me happier than to see George Soros destitute and living in refrigerator carton–other than seeing him deported to Hungary. CNN is a seething mass of FAIL that beclowns itself hourly and couldn’t pick Truth out of a two-man lineup. That was true yesterday. It is true today. It will be true tomorrow no matter who sent the bombs.