Democrats Demand Access to Interpreters at Trump's Meeting With Putin

President Donald Trump smiles during a meeting with Chilean president Sebastian Pinera, in the Oval Office of the White House, Friday, Sept. 28, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


It appears that ABC’s Jon Karl was correct in his assessment of the Mueller report.

KARL: …But it is not added up to anything of the central question, again, was there anybody – was the Trump campaign aware of or coordinating with the Russians in their effort to meddle with the election. So far there’s been nothing on that and I’m led to believe – don’t expect there’s going to be anything.

Because now the silly crap has started arriving. Max Boot, who could be described as “a stupid man’s Bill Kristol,” has come up with 18 reasons why Trump is an agent of Russia.

But some of the most ridiculous stuff is coming from Democrats in the Senate. Their latest obsession is with transcripts of personal conversations between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Naturally, the Washington Post led the charge on this, but now two Democrat senators, narrowly acquitted potential felon and alleged connoisseur of youngish Dominican prostitutes, Bob Menendez and the mouthbreathing Jack Reed:

They are demanding that the interpreters used by Trump be made available to them for questioning. While the Senate Democrats have limited tools, the House Democrats have the power to make a spectacle of themselves. And, because Adama “no those are not insect eyes surgically implanted in my skull” Schiff can’t be deprived of camera time, they are doing just that.

This request in going nowhere. First and foremost because absolutely no one in the administration cares about what Bob Menendez and Jack Reed want. They are in the minority and barring some kind of cataclysm, like a nuke popping on DC while they are cavorting in Puerto Rico, they are going to stay in that position. Second, the committee chairman, Richard Burr, has said that he’s not going to ask for the interpreters to testify and he’s not going to ask former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to talk about the meeting either. The biggest stumbling block for Democrats is that this is a clear-cut case of executive privilege. These people are demanding to have access to a personal communication from the president in his official capacity. This is the very essence of executive privilege. It is difficult to see how they would be able to subpoena an interpreter to talk about a privileged conversation that they were only party to because of their official duties.

A couple of different dynamics are playing out together here. The Mueller report, in terms of meeting the goals of the #Resistance, is going to be a dud. Basically, all of official Washington knows that. A lot of NeverTrump figures and Democrats, but I repeat myself, have invested most of their tattered credibility in the collusion narrative and it will be shown to be bullsh**. If reports beginning to leak our are true, the FBI is going to look horrible before this is over…which, going back to Max Boot’s logic, makes us all Russian agents. The second part of the equation is about showing your #Resistance cred. House Democrats, with subpoena power (for what that’s worth) can grab headlines, that means Senate Democrats are very much in the “Me Too!” mode. They are in a minority and they don’t want all the attention, and money, flowing to House Democrats. Their only way to get attention is by outrageous antics. But they will have a hard row to hoe if they want to outdo Schiff. And all of this guarantees that Trump will not take it sitting down.

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