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If you’d read the FAQ then you knew why. Not only was the document ridiculous it was probably the most mockable public document in years.

But not long after the plan was released a strange thing happened. The FAQs explaining the plan that were on Ocasio Cortez’s website suddenly disappeared.

On Friday night, Robert Hockett, allegedly a law professor at Cornell and an Ocasio Cortez advisor of some type


Thunberg Versus Sandmann

This is insane. The FAQ did contain that exact statement and, if you think it is fake, you really need to tell NPR because they have it on their website.

Immediately, Ocasio Cortez’s boy band in the press chimed in to help her out.

This is only a “mystery” if you are trying to gaslight your readers.

What is incredible about this episode is the number of journalists that immediately parroted the lies of Ocasio Cortez’s advisor. Note the immediate acceptance by the WaPo journalist of the “mystery” moniker attached to the document.

The combination of the utter stupidity and incompetence of Ocasio Cortez and what passes for a staff and the slavish devotion of the media in protecting here from any repercussions for what should be career-ending and seppuku-worthy nutbaggery is unsettling. It indicates the media is not interested in checking on claims and actions made by Democrats, particularly Democrats their millenial staffers like (think the WaPo sandbagging the forcible sodomy allegations on Justin Fairfax) and more than not interested, they are willing to actively run interference for them to save them from themselves.

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