Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, joined at left by, Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., Rep. Bradley Schneider, D-Ill., and Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., prepare to walk out of the hearing room briefly after waiting Republican members of the committee to arrive more than an hour after the scheduled start time for a markup session, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 26, 2018. The panel was meeting on their months-long standoff with the Justice Department on the request by the Republican-controlled committee for documents related to the origins of the FBI’s Russia investigation and the handling of its probe into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s emails. Democrats charge the subpoena undermines special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia ties and whether there was obstruction of justice. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The shooting in a Christchurch, NZ, mosque that left 50 persons dead and another 50 in the hospital has served as a blessing to the Democrat party…a blessing that they recognize and are more than happy to take advantage of. Before the shooting, the Democrats were reeling under the revelation that raw, slobbering anti-Semitism is baked into their politics. When faced with the out and proud anti-Jewish statements by Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, and the Democrats were forced to choose between condemning a black, Muslim woman for anti-Semitism and letting it slide, they chose the latter by a healthy margin. After the Christchurch shooting, based on the inchoate rambling manifesto released by the shooter, the Democrats are attempting to pin responsibility for that massacre on Donald Trump and the GOP (see Richard Blumenthal Says President Trump Is Partly Responsible For the New Zealand Mosque Shooting). The point man for the Democrat effort to turn a slaughter in New Zealand into a tool to use in the 2020 presidential campaign and a wedge to enact laws to restrict free speech and free association is none other than Fat Jerry Nadler.

Last November, he announced that investigating “white nationalism” was something that he would do once he became chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and now, with bodies having been dropped, he’s going at it full-bore.

The House Judiciary Committee is planning on hosting a hearing in the coming weeks addressing the rise of white nationalism in the U.S. and the hate crime and hate speech surrounding the movement, according to two sources with direct knowledge of the committee’s schedule.

Though plans are still being finalized, the committee expects to bring in officials from within DHS and the FBI for questioning on the rise of white nationalism in the U.S and the efforts the agencies are currently adopting to combat it. One lawmaker said the goal is to “have a hearing in early April.”

A spokesperson for the committee did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Though as far back as November, Nadler wrote letters to law enforcement agencies expressing concern about the rise of hate crimes and white supremacy.

The true mission of the hearing is given away by looking at who is cheering it:

The interesting thing is that there doesn’t appear to be any concern about a rise in hate crimes or “hate speech” (whatever the f***ing f*** that might be), in general, Nadler is only interested in those things so long as they are related to “white nationalists.” Oddly enough, this is a term that Nadler never bothers to define but we have a hint about what he’s looking at from the spiritual leader of the Democrat party:

Note how “far right” (again a term that has no real definition) is immediately translated as “white nationalist.” According to the Anti-Defamation League (ironically, defaming large numbers of white folks isn’t part of the concern), “far right” violence is a big, massive problem:

Murder and Extremism in 2018: Summary of Major Findings

  • Every perpetrator had ties to at least one right-wing extremist movement, although one had recently begun supporting Islamist extremism.

  • Firearms remain the weapon of choice for extremists who kill. Guns were responsible for 42 of the 50 deaths in 2018, followed by blades or edged weapons.

  • Five shooting sprees resulted in 38 deaths and left 33 people injured.

  • Among the five extremist-related shooting sprees in 2018: Tree of Life Synagogue, Pittsburgh, PA: 11 dead; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, FL: 17 dead; Waffle House, Nashville, TN: four dead.

  • The perpetrator of the deadly shooting spree at a yoga studio in Tallahassee was connected to the misogynistic incel/manosphere movement. In the wake of this attack and a similarly-motivated spate of murders in Toronto, ADL’s Center on Extremism now tracks such incidents as extremist-related killings.

What kind of bullsh** is this: “Five shooting sprees resulted in 38 deaths and left 33 people injured.” In Chicago, that is known as Monday. The “incel/manosphere movement”? Seriously? And what evidence is there that any of this is related to “white nationalism?” (See Brad Slager’s excellent takedown of this nonsense in Ilhan Omar Claims Every Extremist Murder is from Right Wing, Then Provides Evidence Proving Her Wrong.)

Be that as it may, the ADL has some objectives they are pursuing and I can’t imagine that they are substantially different from what Nadler will come up with:

1. Speak Out Against Hate and Extremism – Particularly from the Far Right

Particularly…for sure.

2. Enact Laws to Fight Domestic Terrorism

Because you can’t have enough redundant laws.

3. Expand Dialogue Between Civil Society and Tech Sector

Because you can’t have too much censorship and thought control.

4. Improve federal, state, and local responses to hate crimes

Great idea. Let’s create more laws that privilege certain groups. I can’t think of anything that will make people get along better.

5. Reframe Prevention Strategies to Promote Community Resilience to Counter Far-Right Extremism


6. Promote Anti-Bias and Civics Education Programs in elementary and secondary schools


This is nothing more or less than Jerry the Waddler using dead Muslims in New Zealand as a club in the 2020 election campaign. He’s obviously going to do what the Democrats have been trying to do for years which is push the Republican=Conservative=Far Right=Intolerant=Racist theme, only this year they will swap out “racist” for “white nationalist.” The next stage is to tie that theme to connect it to Trump. If you think wearing a MAGA hat was merely inappropriate for Covington Catholic High School kids to wear, just wait until in becomes labeled as a “white nationalist” symbol. We’re seeing the push for reparations being adopted by basically every Democrat candidate, if you don’t think opposing reparations will rapidly get you branded a “white nationalist” I’d submit that you haven’t been paying attention. If you look at standard lists of “white nationalist” beliefs, you find hostility to multiculturalism prominent in them. In the end, if you are a Republican you will be labeled a “white nationalist.”

Beyond the obvious silly game being played here, there is a dangerous edge to what Nadler is doing. Part of living in a pluralistic society is having people express opinions that you don’t agree with. “White nationalism” is no more dangerous that the Maoist nonsense being pushed the the “antifa” thuglets…indeed, it is demonstrably less so. Louis Farrakhan’s hate-based religion and Al Sharpton’s racist rhetorical links to at least two murders have never been the subject of Congressional scrutiny. Congress couldn’t even bring itself to say Ilhan Omar’s obvious and advertised anti-Semitism is bad. Obviously, the left has reached a point where they don’t believe their ideas are strong enough to win and now they are looking to using the state’s police power to accomplish the mission. And to use the power of their willing accomplices in the media to vilify people who disagree with them.

The game here is to make anyone who speaks in favor of traditional American values and believes there is a unifying American culture vulnerable to being labeled a “white nationalist” and summarily shunned from the public square.

Will he succeed? Well, if we leave it up the the muh principles bunch at The Bulwark and a couple of guys at NRO, sure he will. Hopefully, the GOP, in the House and Senate, will identify this scam for what it is–which is a way of demonizing Republicans while sanitizing the open bigotry on the left–and push back.

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