POLITICO Becomes #FakeNews by Claiming That President Trump Wants His Term in Office Increased

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We have reached the point in our political discourse where otherwise respectable outlets go utterly batsh** crazy whenever they cover President Trump.

Yesterday, Jerry Falwell, Jr.,* sent out this tweet:

Donald Trump retweeted it. This is how Politico reported it:

President Donald Trump on Sunday floated the idea of extending his constitutionally limited time in office, complaining online that two years of his first White House term were “stollen” as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

But what did Trump really say about the subject? In a pair of tweets, he said

This is pretty clear. He says the first two years of his first term were stolen (FACT CHECK: True) and he’ll never be able to get them back (also true). At no point does he ever say anything that implies he believes he’s entitled to two additional years.

Reporting like this is not only outright lying, it is the kind of reporting that gives the media the deserved reputation for being partisan hitmen working for the Democrats. It shows there is no longer any sense of restraint on the part of the media about openly supporting Democrats and telling blatant lies in the service of that goal.

*My connection to Jerry Falwell, Jr. is that my old man drove an 18-wheeler for Jerry Falwell, Sr.’s cousins, Lawrence Falwell and W. Calvin Falwell, who owned Falwell’s Fast Freight based out of Lynchburg, VA.

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