No, the El Paso Shooter's Mother Didn't Actually Call the Cops to Report Him

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AP is currently running a story on the El Paso shooter headlined: The Latest: Lawyers: Crusius’ mom asked police about weapons. The story, or rather the headline, is getting a lot of play because of the current focus on the so-called red flag bill being promoted by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and Connecticut’s contribution to Stolen Valor, Richard Blumenthal. At some level, one has to believe that the headline is the story and a disingenuous effort to support a narrative because the actual story tells us nothing and is not helpful to the people trying to restrict the ability of the rest of us to own weapons.

This is the story:

An attorney for the family of the man charged in the El Paso Walmart shooting rampage says the man’s mother contacted police weeks before the rampage out of concern that her son had a rifle.

Dallas attorney Chris Ayres confirmed to The Associated Press that the call was made to police in Allen, a Dallas suburb. He declined to give details, but he and fellow attorney R. Jack Ayres told CNN that Patrick Crusius’ mother contacted the Allen Police Department to ask about an “AK” type firearm Crusius owned.

The attorneys said the mother was only seeking information and wasn’t motivated by a concern that her son was a threat to anybody. They also said the mother didn’t identify herself or her son in the call.

Sgt. Jon Felty, Allen police spokesman, said there was no record of such a call and he wasn’t aware of such a call.

To recap. The attorneys representing the family of the shooter say a call was made to the police. The police say there is no record of the call. The attorneys add that a) the mother was not concerned about her son being dangerous and b) she wanted to, it seems, make sure that his weapon was legal and that he could legally possess it.

Thus far, nothing has surfaced in either the El Paso shooting or the soon-to-be memory-holed Dayton shooting that indicates any system not involving a Department of Pre-Crime would have had enough information to prevent either shooting. This won’t stop people from running in very small circles and making puppy noises because, as you know, we have to DO SOMETHING.

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