Beto and His Gun Grabbing Allies Are Triggered by a Tweet and Show Why They Can't Be Allowed to Have Red Flag Laws

Democratic presidential candidate former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke answers a question Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC at Texas Southern University in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)


A rather pathetically desperate Robert Francis “Beta Beto” O’Rourke played to the cheapest of the Woke seats in the house last night on the subject of gun confiscation. Blithely tossing aside a position he embraced less than twelve months ago (see Brandon Morse’s Fraud: Presidential Candidate O’Rourke And Texas Senate Candidate O’Rourke Disagree On AR-15 Ownership).

This is Beto in full splendor last night:

He sort of strikes me as a middle schooler playing someone who wants to be a presidential candidate. YMMV.

This is such a juvenile statement that one is sort of amazed at the Beto fans who are hailing it as some kind of bold statement. First, there is absolutely no one on the right who has ever doubted the gun confiscation was the end game for this bunch. Their “common sense gun control” proposals are all simply entry points in order to a) prevent as many Americans as possible from being able to possess a firearm and b) building a registry for gun owners so that confiscation can actually be carried out.

This got him a response from a member of the Texas House of Representatives, Republican Briscoe Cain.

Beto and His Gun Grabbing Allies Are Triggered by a Tweet and Show Why They Can't Be Allowed to Have Red Flag Laws

This got an immediate an predictable response from Beto:

Given that Cain is an actual lawyer and O’Rourke is allegedly an English Lit major, I think it is safe to say that Beto jumped the shark here. But Twitter, being the Woke enterprise that it is, deleted Cain’s tweet proclaiming it to be a threat:

And, in a dick move so typical of O’Rourke, he went crying to the FBI:

His allies jumped on the faux outrage bandwagon:

There are two valuable takeaways from this episode.

First, if you read Beto’s tweet and examine the response of him and his fluffers you can see exactly how any so-called red flag law will be enforced. The same humorless, self-righteous, head-up-the-fourth-point-of-contact scolds that you encounter daily on Twitter and Facebook are going to go after your ability to own a firearm if they find any flimsy or, in this case, blatantly dishonest excuse.

Saying “Molon Labe, m-f-er” will, under the red flag regime, get you a visit from the cops and a court date.

The second point is that a lot of people didn’t say what Mr. Cain said, but they very much feel that way. I owned four pistols and eight long guns during the time I lived in DC. None were registered despite the requirement to do so because I don’t obey bullsh** laws. Someone coming to my house to try to “buy back” a firearm should probably visit with a search warrant. More to the point, if you think we are all so potentially dangerous that you have to confiscate our firearms in order to make you feel safe, why do you think we’d go along with that. We’re either dangerous, and we’re going to fight to keep our firearms, or we’ll meekly give them up which means we’re not dangerous in the least.

And there is a third takeaway, this is a fundraising scam:

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