The #NewRules Say Justin Trudeau Must Resign and Conservatives Should Be the Last To Defend Him

President Donald J. Trump greets the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Thursday, June 20, 2019, at the West Wing Lobby entrance of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Katie Ricks)


The fluffy, girly-man prime minister of the Great White North is embroiled in the woke type of scandal possible. Several images have surfaced of Justin Trudeau in blackface as late as 2001.

Now Trudeau finds himself in hot water

A few observations on this. First, if Trudeau felt sufficiently comfortable to appear in public in blackface in 2001 then he did it pretty regularly. Second, I don’t think Trudeau is a racist–he’s just a very strange dude who has been one of the cool kids so long that he thinks whatever he does is cool. Third, Trudeau has been a driving force in the growth of the whole “cancel culture” thing where an offense against woke sensibilities at any time in your life will result in a SJW lynch mob descending upon you to attempt to deprive you of livelihood and reputation.

And now, we’re being asked to forgive him because we’re f***ing idiots conservatives:

I’ve really run out of patience with this bullsh**. The issue is not whether Trudeau is a racist or even if he should resign in shame (a leftist with shame…I made myself laugh at the thought). The issue is what are the current rules (yes, blackface is a fireable offense under those rules) and why should the beneficiary of a change to those rules be a guy who has used them as a weapon at every stage of his political career?

Earlier in the month, Breitbart managed to get Dr. Jamie R. Riley, University of Alabama’s assistant vice president and dean of students fired for a series of blatantly racist tweets which called into question his ability to deal with white students in a manner that was not calculated to demean or penalize them. Reason, naturally, went to bat for him claiming that we can’t be against the cancel culture and not oppose Riley’s firing. It was the kind of specious bullsh** that has made Reason the stinking vortex of fail that it is. I posted on it here.

My view is that it isn’t terribly difficult to hold these two competing ideas in one’s mind. On the one hand we can all acknowledge that the “cancel culture” should end. It is corrosive of civility and it is just stupid. Having said that we can also say that we’re not going to engage in unilateral disarmament. Why should conservatives, of all people, go to bat for a guy like Justin Trudeau who, quite honestly, is probably not in any real danger and who will treat any assistance we give him as weakness. No matter how many of these leftists we go to bat for, it is never going to change the calculus if our people get punished and we let their’s go scot-free. It won’t. The only way this changes is if we go after theirs with the same vengeance that they go after ours. Either they’ll get tired or they won’t. Whatever path they choose is on them.

The reason they want conservatives to lead the charge on this is simple. If we support him, then they have a reason to ignore their own rules and let him survive. On the other hand, if we go with the #NewRules, they either play by them and destroy Trudeau (highly unlikely) or they reveal, as they did in the case of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, that the #NewRules are only a pathetic sham that are strictly used as a club with which to belabor political opponents.

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