Missouri Attorney General and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Hawley talks while President Donald Trump listens at the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars national convention Tuesday, July 24, 2018, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Last night, the leftwing media was out if force playing the gotcha game. How it worked was a reporter would present a Republican politician with a quote that allegedly came from President Trump. The GOP politician would be asked if they agree with it. It was the old game of “have you stopped beating your wife” because the target had no way of knowing if the quote was accurate and, unfortunately, many people assumed they were dealing with an honorable individual. (ProTip: never assume the average political reporter has any more substantive sense of honor and decency than your typical debauched Arabian whoremonger.) But so many people fall for it that they don’t know how to handle it when they meet up with someone who is wise to the game.

This latter event was the case when a Huffington Post reporter named Arthur Delaney tried to use deception to get a quote he could use either to ride the “Republicans are fleeing from Trump” narrative or to file in the “Republicans will do anything to cover for Trump” narrative. Unfortunately for him, his target was Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

This is how Delaney describes it:

The problem with Delaney’s statement is that is composed of a couple of lies. The main one is that at no point in the White House statement does Trump imply that he wants Joe Biden investigated. Delaney simply makes that up out of whole cloth and because we have to assume he’s not so stupid that he can’t read, our only explanation left is that he’s lying. The other issue, of course, is that Senator Hawley’s timeline doesn’t show him even acknowledging Delaney’s presence on Twitter before what happened next. That is either a lie or the garden variety megalomania you find in failed reporters.

And then Hawley unloaded on Delaney by revealing what was really said.

This is the transcript for your convenience:

This is actually stunning behavior by Delaney. He not only lied to Hawley to elicit a response, he then compounded the lie on Twitter to get the story Hawley refused to give him.