New Fundraising Numbers Hint That the Biden Campaign Is In A Death Spiral

FILE – In this Sept. 8, 2012 file photo, Vice President Joe Biden kisses a supporter during a campaign event in Zanesville, Ohio. Obama goes airborne in a doozie of a bear hug with a pizza guy in Florida. Joe Biden cozies up with a biker chick in Ohio. Even the more reserved Mitt Romney seems to be loosening up some with people he meets on the campaign trail. Kissing babies and slapping backs are so yesterday. The 2012 candidates are putting their all into the campaign cliche of pressing the flesh. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

New fundraising numbers have been posted by the Democrat primary candidates and they show some interesting shifts in the field.

Decrepit and bedridden Bernie Sanders led the pack with $25.3 million. Enough to buy a nice mausoleum.
Elizabeth Warren was second with $24.6 million.
Pete Buttigieg raised $19.1 million.
Joe Biden pulled in $15.2 million.
Kamala Harris finished the Third Quarter with $11.6 million.

Yahoo Finance has the cute graphic

New Fundraising Numbers Hint That the Biden Campaign Is In A Death Spiral

CREDIT: Yahoo Finance


If you ignore the silliness of Yang and Williamson, the real story is that Joe Biden is in a death spiral. His fundraising is down by 30%. He’s slipping in the polls, especially Iowa and New Hampshire. His South Carolina “firewall” looks very flimsy. The news swirling around about Hunter Biden’s financial shenanigans is not going to get better and you can bet President Trump is not going to let up so long as the Ukraine phone call bullsh** is being propped up as grounds for impeachment. Beyond that, Biden’s campaign staff is as sclerotic as Biden so by the time it responds to Charge A we’ve already moved on to Charge F (see my post Donald Trump, Impeachment, And John Boyd’s OODA Loop). Beyond the slowness of his campaign’s reaction time, Biden is not a fighter. He’s simply not temperamentally suited to engaging in the bare-knuckle brawl that Trump seems to relish as is shown by his response to the corruption allegations against his son. You’ll also notice that Biden has been abandoned by his fellow Democrats and is left to fight this out with just the help of his media friends and fluffers.

As a footnote, Harris is also toast…I find this sort of shocking as I would have bet good money that she’d be one of the top three candidates going into Iowa.

Everything is going Warren’s way. Biden is fading. Harris and Buttigieg have been revealed to be insubstantial lightweights. Bernie Sanders is unlikely to go back on the trail. Right now, if you were forced to make a prediction you’d say that she is the nominee. We’ll see how she does when President Trump and his team drop the twitching, tattered corpse of Joe Biden’s campaign and turn their gimlet eyes of Pocahontas.