Trump's Minneapolis Rally as Seen Through the Beady Eyes of an Angry Leftist

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at the Target Center, Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


Despite the best efforts of Minneapolis’s goofy progressive mayor to stop him, President Trump held a huge rally last night, packing the Target Center in the heart of liberal Minneapolis with a boisterous crowd. Here is the whole rally — for your convenience I have it cued up to when President Trump takes the stage. He is preceded by Vice President Mike Pence.

For commentary, I’m gong to rely upon one of the more grotesque little fellows in lefty media, Vox’s Aaron Rupar.

Here is Rupar (who, looking at his photos has definitely had his guns confiscated) trying to launch a meme about the rally not being at capacity

Meh. Not so much.

Capacity was 20K and it was packed.

Aaron doesn’t like anyone making fun of Hunter Biden’s business acumen.

There is disapproval of Trump’s promise to observe term limits.

The reference to “some people did something” is distasteful.

Again, we see the left’s inclination to call facts that are inconvenient a “conspiracy theory” in order to avoid having to deal with them.


Immigration talk also causes sadness.

FACT CHECK: True. That is Democrat party dogma and pretty well describes the state law in New York and what Virginia’s looney-left governor tried to ram through that state’s legislature.

And he got his antifa on and dismissed the violence and assaults on rally-goers that were documented.

The rally was quintessential Trump. It was loud. It wasn’t terribly concerned with policy points. It was heavy on anecdotes. He took a jab at all the right people. He ridiculed Hunter Biden’s grifting.

He mocked Joe Biden’s sickening obsequiousness around Barack Obama, acting more like an Ottoman courtier than the vice president.

It fired people up. The Minneapolis police department, breaking from the rules they used under Obama, forbade officers to attend the rally in uniform. Those red shirts you see in the crowd are all “Cops for Trump” shirts the police union sold.

While the Democrats fight it out over pronouns and sex change surgery for prisoners, this is what they will be up against.

Trump's Minneapolis Rally as Seen Through the Beady Eyes of an Angry Leftist

Ugly, indeed. Just not ugly for America.