Donald Trump, Jr., Reveals the Name of the Whistleblower and Media Goes to DEFCON One

In this April 17, 2017 file photo, Donald Trump Jr., the son of President Donald Trump, speaks to media on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. Donald Trump Jr.’s scheduled visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday marks a new phase in the Senate investigation of Moscow’s meddling in the 2016 election and a meeting that the president’s eldest son had with Russians during the campaign. Staff from the Senate Judiciary Committee _ one of three congressional committees conducting investigations _ plan to privately interview the younger Trump. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

There has been a ridiculous song and dance game played in regards to the identity of the so-called whistleblower. It is pretty common knowledge here inside the beltway that the whistleblower is a partisan CIA guy named Eric Ciaramella. He played butt remora to Joe Biden and some other Democrat heavyweights, he was a favorite of John Brennan who groomed him (take that any way you want) for upper management in CIA, he was main assistant to H. R. McMaster, and he was booted from NSC over suspicion that he was leaking stuff. Literally every political reporter in DC knows he is the whistleblower and they know it because there is no way to keep a nice juicy tidbit of information like this secret for very long when you can trade it to a reporter for something of value. But, to sell papers and get clicks, the political media can’t reveal what they know. What they want is this drama over President Trump and a lot of folks on the right wanting to reveal who this guy is and the fulminations of Adam Schiff and his lackeys who were actually instrumental in revealing his identity in the first place. The attorneys for the whistleblower are playing right along with this kabuki by making nonsensical claims that the whistleblower was entitled to anonymity (that is just silly) and that by printing his name, outlets became liable for any misfortune coming the way of Mr. Ciaramella (apparently his attorney was sick the day they covered the First Amendment in law school).

Today Donald Trump, Jr. took the bull by the horns and just named the whistleblower.

Good for him.

The reaction has been hilarious. Like this:

The urge to publish this guy’s name is getting to a breaking point in the media. They tripped over themselves covering the DJT, Jr. tweet

The fact is that whistleblowers are entitled to protection against employment discrimination by their own agency. They don’t get anonymity. They don’t get an Immunity Idol. In this particular case, where there is no identifiable crime and where the impetus for filing the complaint seems to have been a combination of partisan animus and disagreement with the foreign policy of the United States, the whistleblower’s motives are fair game for examination.

Sooner or later this clown will be officially revealed. The fact that several news outlets covered DJT, Jr.’s tweet and carried the lame “no comment” from the whistleblower’s attorney tells you 100% what you need to know about his identity.

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