Joe Biden Loses His Crap When Some Iowa Democrat Asks Him About Hunter Biden's Corruption and Burisma

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with local residents, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Emmetsburg, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)


Joe Biden is in Iowa. He thinks he’s running for the Democrat nomination but it is looking more and more like the No Malarkey Express is just another old white guy in a Winnebago searching for purpose in life (NTTAWWT). What Biden is finding, though, is that what is resonating more deeply in the the heartland than the ephemeral, made-up crime of which Trump stands accused is something that the average, non-trust-fund, non-Ivy-League American understands all too well, a rich Daddy using his position to help out a shiftless ne’er do well offspring.

Today Biden encountered something that very few Democrats ever do…a voter who is not a shill. What happened was not a good look for Biden.

Man: I got a question I want you to answer. We all know Trump lies. About messing around with Ukraine over there holding their forign aid so they’ll say they’re having an investigation, we know all about that. He has no backbone. But you, on the other hand, set your son up over there. You got him a job to work for gas company that he had no experience, nothing. You had access to the president. You’re selling access to the president just like him.

Biden: You’re a damned liar, man. That’s not true. No one has ever said that. No one has proved that.

Man: I see it on the tv.

Biden: You’ve seen it on tv? I know you do.


[Pajama Boy’s love interest comes over to take the man’s microphone]

Biden: By the way, I’m not sedentary I get up and…let him go. The reason I’m running is because I’ve been around a long time and I know more than most people know. I can get things done. That’s why I’m running. If you want to check my shape out, let’s do push ups together, man, let’s run, let’s do whatever you wanna do. Let’s take an IQ test.

[Drones applaud]

Biden: Number two. No one has said my son has done anything wrong and I did not, on any occasion, and no one has ever said it, not…

Man: I never said you did anything wrong.

Biden: You said I set up my son to work in an oil company. Isn’t that what you said. Get your words straight, Jack.

Man: You’re on MSNBC all day…

Biden: You didn’t hear that on MSNBC.

Man: The hell…

Look, I’m not going to get into an argument with you, man.

Man: I don’t want one either.

Biden: Yeah, you do. Look, here’s the deal.

Man: You know what it looks like you don’t have any more backbone than Trump does.

Biden: Any other questions?

If the challenge to take an IQ test looks familiar, it should. This is from 1988.

There are parts in here that I can’t hear but allegedly Biden calls the man “fat” and tells him he’s “too old” to vote for Biden. I don’t hear it.

To try to throw gasoline on the fire tamp the situation down, one of Biden’s “senior advisers” weighed in:

Biden will learn that this little show of being a fake tough guy didn’t play all that well outside his circle of sycophants. More than that, it won’t play in a debate environment. The very fact that Biden gets rattled…and lies…about his role in getting Hunter Biden business opportunities using the influence of the vice president’s office is telling. He knows the truth and he has no good answers for it other than bluster.

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