Pete Buttigieg Joins Those Who Hate Donald Trump Enough To Blame Him For Anything

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg addresses supporters at a campaign event, Thursday, May 9, 2019, in West Hollywood, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)


You already know that if you are a RedState reader. As my colleagues Brandon Morse and Bonchie as well as myself posited yesterday, the available evidence that was develop with just a few hours after the crash virtually ruled out mechanical failure and pilot error.

One would think that Americans, of all persuasions, could stand side by side in condemning this act and placing the responsibility squarely on the nation that launched the missile and then started bulldozing the debris field this morning.

You would be wrong.

This is disgraceful.

There is virtually nothing there that is true or, if true, in the correct context.

Buttigieg is clearly placing the blame for the incident on the Trump administration for having the temerity to retaliate against an Iranian militia that murdered a US civilian contractor supporting US operations in Iraq

That righteous response led to an attempt by the Iranian-owned militias in Baghdad to repeat either Benghazi or the Iran Hostage Crisis. A decision was made to kill Qasem Suleimani, a “specially designated international terrorist,” because intelligence indicated that he was involved in another plot to kill more Americans.

As to the the ‘tit-for-tat,’ the missiles Iran fired into Iraqi installations housing some American troops and contractors were nowhere near Baghdad. Those attacks were finished about five hours before the Ukrainian airplane was shot down. Iran, contrary to international law, did not restrict air traffic while carrying out the operation. Iran’s civil aviation authorities allowed Tehran to operate normally while the Iranian military command, or however that gaggle of chuckleheads styles themselves when they’re up and dressed, not only deployed air defense systems near Tehran airport but apparently gave them very, very, very liberal weapons control status (what, in the Army, we’d call “if it flies it dies” status). When the totally predictable happened, that is, the Ukrainian airliner being mistakenly identified as hostile, a preventable tragedy unfolded.

You can blame Trump for a lot of things. This is not one of them. Every part of this horrible fiasco was under the direct and total control of the criminal regime in Tehran. No American, much less the President, had anything to do with this. But, if he was to blame, he wasn’t acting alone

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