Well, I guess she had something to say.

It was a stupid something, but still…

One of those human garbage dumps from the pro-abortion group, FEMEN went off the rails in Madrid, Spain, recently.

An unveiling in a wax museum of a new Donald Trump wax figure was the setting for one of these harpies to do something ludicrous.

 The bare-chested woman reportedly pushed past security and walked up to the statue, grabbed the crotch and screamed “grab patriarchy by the balls.” She also had the words painted on her back.

Would this be a good time to point out that it was a wax figure and likely had no genitalia, whatsoever, to grab?

The pro-abortion group FEMEN has a reputation for topless protests across the world. In 2014, they protested Pope Francis in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. They also have protested pro-life rallies. During one rally in Spain, the topless protesters disrupted the event with chants of “Pro-life is genocide” and “Go to Hell.”

Last year, they also disrupted the Walk for Life in San Francisco. Police arrested the pro-abortion protesters after they removed their shirts and bared their breasts in front of the pro-life crowd, which included children. A video shows some of the protesters had obscenities painted on their chests.

I can get being upset about things Trump has said.

I don’t mind howls of idiocy about women’s rights (even though I’ve been too busy being self-sufficient for all my adult life to take time to claim I’ve been oppressed).

When you start showing your lack of a moral compass by exposing yourself to small children, it’s time to tase you, tag you, and drop you off in the middle of the Sahara and let you fend for yourselves.

I am sincerely curious to know if these shock tactics have ever accomplished a single thing for good in the world?

I doubt it. Their very cause is corrupt, so deriving anything good from them is impossible.