Ok. This is what counts as a “prayer” rally for Trump supporters.

Since we know for a fact that morals are fluid, in the new age of Trump (as evidenced by Trump loyalist, Dr. Robert Jeffress’ shifting views on the need for a moral, Christian presidency), we can take Trump’s rambling, prideful, often profane ranting at a Pennsylvania rally on Saturday night as equal to a worship gathering for “Trump Christians.”

Yes, Trump will be used by God, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be used to shake some of that fake “church mask” off of the hypocrites and derelicts, who give a lot of lip service to God, but whose hearts are firmly planted in the debauchery of the world.

To that point, how many cheering “Evangelicals” do you think were in attendance last night?

In what was basically a dual purpose rally, held in a hangar at Pittsburgh International Airport, the president was there to stump for GOP congressional candidate Rick Saccone, who is running for the seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a rally without 99 percent of that rally being Trump stroking his own ego and a group of drooling sycophants barking and clapping at his every utterance.

Truly, Trump could grunt and pass gas for an hour and that crowd would be cheering it and boasting that it was a speech more moving than even Reagan’s “ A Time for Choosing” speech.

I am not joking.

Of the nonsensical ramblings Trump lashed out at the media and the Washington establishment that he is very much a part of.

Evil? Oh, yes. But rather than “getting it out,” I think you’re probably promoting it, supporting it, and putting it on ugly, horrific display.

More self-aggrandizing. Show me a leader with no humility, and I’ll show you a dangerous, petty narcissist.

Here’s a great one for “Evangelicals” to include in their prayer time:

I don’t know if there were children present (there probably were), but this is another rally where the president has used profanity, attacked another human being (Tell me, Trump Christians… Does your version of God only love and give value to Trump supporters?), and shown an utter lack of class and humility.

It’s like he is compelled to cut others down, in order to boost his own self-esteem.

And he’s still going, still using foul language and attacking others.

Of course he has to attack George W. Bush, a flawed president, but one who outclasses Trump by several leaps and bounds.

OH – and he displays actual Christian character – not the fraudulent version trotted out by Trump’s “spiritual advisers.” At least the crowd didn’t seem as immediately enthused by attacks on Bush. Maybe they were tired from barking and squealing over ever other line.

Trump went on to insult various individuals, including Ronald Reagan.

That part wasn’t a big surprise, since Trump has previously called him a con man, who got nothing done.

He also goes on to push the idea of the death penalty for drug dealers.

Duterte is a madman and a tyrant. Let’s not forget that.

And on and on… typical Trump.

Trump didn’t break any new ground with this rally. He was just as manic, nonsensical, and as profane and disrespectful as always.

Sadly, his base will love him for it, and our public discourse just slides further into the toilet.