The Virginia Military Institute has a storied history. It was established as a military college in 1839, and is known as “The West Point of the South.” Famous alumni include George Marshall, George S. Patton, Bobby Ross, and Mel Brooks (yes, really!).

VMI is located in Lexington, Virginia, and its campus, unsurprisingly, is adorned with numerous Confederate statues. Statues that antifa and other disgruntled SJWs would like to see torn down, burned, and/or decapitated.

Much to the dismay of common-sense people everywhere, many localities and communities have capitulated to the marauding hordes and removed the offending inoffensive (and inanimate!) Confederate statues.

That’s not how things work at VMI.

Leaders of the military college met today and decided that they would not be removing their Confederate statues. VMI is in the business of training leaders, and, as such, doesn’t give much credence to the idea that ignoring history is the way to build strong leaders.

VMI Superintendent General J.H. Binford Peay III said during the discussion about whether or not to remove the statues:

“We are a different school. And we build on the strengths of our traditions, the right traditions, the right statues, the right… ceremonies that we have to make our graduates stronger and better for a nation that needs to move to the future and advance in a right way. That’s my thinking ladies and gentlemen. And I don’t think I’m being politically correct.”

This, of course, does not mean they tolerate discrimination on their campus. In a joint statement (text below), Peay and VMI Board of Visitors President John William Bowland said any such incidents would be “addressed decisively.”

VMI’s decision is not likely to be well received by antifa and other agitators of their ilk, but they’d best think twice about storming the campus and starting a ruckus. I hear they have pretty good rifle skills there.