You know Hollywood’s become pathetic and predictable when a small snippet from an hours-long awards show perfectly encapsulates Tinseltown’s great disgust of Middle America and, likewise, Middle America’s dismay at the level of ignorance that’s taken hold in Tinseltown.

It all went down when Dolly Parton, ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin took to the stage to present an award at last night’s Emmy Awards, the first time the trio has appeared together since starring in the classic 1980 flick, “9 to 5.” Far be it from pampered elitists like Hanoi Jane to just get down to the business of presenting an award. Heck, no, she had to adhere to the leftist script and use it as an occasion to bash Donald Trump. Lily Tomlin, who appeared to have gone one or two Botox injections too far, cackled gleefully at her comrade.

But not Dolly Parton. Dolly reacted as most of America would, had they actually been watching (and very few did). She gave Hanoi Jane a look of derision that screamed, “Aren’t we here to celebrate someone’s achievement, not make it all about ourselves and our petty political quarrels? Grow the eff up.”


Award shows like the Emmys used to be must-watch TV for many Americans, a chance to watch our favorite stars wear pretty clothes and celebrate achievement in Hollywood. That Hollywood is, sadly, long gone, replaced by sour, plastic faces of people like Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who wouldn’t know what real America stands for if even if it was sucked up into a syringe and injected directly into their puffy faces.

They say you have to bottom out before you can recover. Well, we’ve seen Hollywood’s bottom and it looks a lot like Jane Fonda at last night’s Emmy Awards. This year’s dismal box office reports show that Hollywood is increasingly out of step with regular Americans, and the echo chamber last night shows that even meager monetary returns aren’t enough to penetrate the leftist echo chamber that shields much of the entertainment industry from reality.

The funny thing is, they don’t realize that they are the reason we have Trump.

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