ObamaCare eats Kentucky

    Humana actuary Nick Mueller today confirmed the Kentucky Department of Insurance has approved ObamaCare health premiums very close to the eighty percent increase he requested in June. Internal Department of Insurance documents received today from Lori Brown at the Department contain final, approved premium information for Humana, Anthem and Kentucky Health Cooperative, the only three companies who applied to participate in the Kentucky Health Benefit | Read More »

    Blame vs. responsibility

    The New Yorker has a long, fascinating piece by Ariel Levy on the Steubenville, West Virginia rape case – a confusing affair in which teenage drinking, old town culture, and New Media hysteria combined to produce an incomprehensible mess.  The basic outlines of the case are clear enough, as a teenage girl drank enough to pass out, and was mistreated by a group of high-school athletes.  It’s | Read More »

    The Obama Administration Gets Pwned By AIPAC?

    syria hagel kerry
    When Elizabeth O’Bagy penned an influential — and seemingly deceptive — op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, she shaped the view of the Administration on Syria. It looks like she had a lot of help.

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    Many Miles Away From Syria

    We can lay the viper-struck waste that is Syria aside for the nonce. Unless the House of Representatives holds an epic fold, we aren’t going to Syria with Congressional authorization. If we currently have 187 Neas, 33 Yeas and 215 Undecideds, a 435 vote session should end up about 290 Nea to 145 Yea. Also, we have much, much bigger things to worry about. Like | Read More »

    Mr. Putin’s Reasonable Proposal

    putin obama
    Because of the smashing success of the “reset” in Russia-US relations under Obama and Hillary!, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a reasonable proposal to Obama. Present your evidence of Assad’s complicity to the UN and let the Security Council decide. Obama should do this. Not because he should base his actions on what the UNSC decides but because he needs to show the world… and America… the evidence that is leading us to war.

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    Where Congress Stands on #Syria

    In case you missed it, the Washington Post has an excellent graphic laying out where each Representative and Senator stands on the AUMF for Syria. The Post has divided Congress into four categories: “Against military action”, “Leans no”, “Undecided”, and “For military action”. Long story short: this is a winnable fight for those of us out there who want Congress to say “No” to the | Read More »

    The August Employment Report and How Technology is Stealing Your Job

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the August employment report, a study on the impact of evolving technology on the job market and why globalization is playing a key part in our unemployment.

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    Attention, Republican legislators: let the Democrats vote FIRST.

    As I have said, many times: I do not know what the right answer is when it comes to intervening in Syria.  Every option is bad, with negative consequences and poor results.  If  I was a Member of Congress I would be frantically trying to go through what information I have available, in order to determine the least-worst scenario and vote for that.  Because of | Read More »

    Why Not Syria?

    The administration has done such a bang up job with Libya and Egypt, why not go into Syria as well…

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    Hammer’s Slammers and Secretary Kerry

    Science Fiction Novelist David Drake wrote a long series of novels about a future mercenary band called Hammer’s Slammers. If the price was right and the planet was within reach, you too could hire your very own column of armored vehicles to rearrange the terrain to something that better suited your personal tastes. Our present leadership in Washington, DC isn’t that crass and won’t be funding NASA quite enough to make that happen. Yet Secretary of State John Kerry made a comment to the US Senate that makes me wonder if our venal national leadership isn’t travelling that road in its hopes to get their Syrian adventure approved by a balking and angry Congress.

    You see, Secretary of State Kerry was attempting to get people to stop worrying about the cost of all the ordnance and OPTEMPO required to bomb targets spread throughout Syria. So he uncorked some comments that made me think he was a character from one of David Drake’s old pulp military sci-fi novels. Unless he was committing the Mother of All Gaffes, I’m now less worried about Syria than I am about how we intend to finance it.

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    Rooting for Injuries and the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

    Rooting for Injuries and the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

    The correct policy for American engagement in Syria is to root for injuries between the warring parties. Neither side is our friend. Neither side wishes to be our friend. When Middle Eastern tyrants are willing to pay us to take out the Assad regime and the rebels are butchering Syrians as badly as Assad — possibly with chemical weapons according to the United Nations — | Read More »


    Organizing for Action acting to avoid organizing over #Syria.

    This should not surprise. The awkward position in which progressive allies of President Barack Obama find themselves can be seen clearly in the actions of his former political arm, now called Organizing for Action, which despite the need for activists to lobby Congress to support the president’s call for military strikes, is essentially voting “present.” Capitol Hill is all but singularly focused on Obama’s push | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s New Allies

    syria prisoners
    Whether he likes it or not, Obama’s proposed strike at Bashar al-Assad brings us into a direct alliance with al-Qaeda. The evidence indicates al-Qaeda is shrewdly playing the situation to gain control of Syria and Western Iraq.

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    Plastic Bag Bans: Coming to a City Near You?

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Mark Daniels to talk about the spread of lefty-driven plastic bag bans, how they effect consumers and which cities are next.

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    Tech at Night: 4chan at it again. A little known but important CDA provision under attack?

    Tech at Night

    Christopher Poole’s gang is at it again, as 4chan is attacking the family of another dead teenager. I guess ‘moot’ is amoral and doesn’t care where his money comes from. If he cared he’d have kicked these sorts of people off of his site by now, instead of giving them their own sandboxes to play with.

    Time Warner and CBS come to an agreement. Remember: it’s government regulations that already existed that put Time Warner in a spot here, where they had to push hard to resist a sudden doubling of price by CBS. More regulations are not the answer here.

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