Dan Bongino Running for Congress in 2014?

    Dan Bongino has been on all of the lists of potential Republican candidates for Governor in Maryland almost since the time his unsuccessful Senate campaign ended last year. However, I’ve heard recently from multiple sources that Bongino will not be running for Governor next year. Instead, he will announce in mid-June that he’s running for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth District. That seat is currently held | Read More »

    Dan Bongino is really scaring some people

    Former U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland Dan Bongino made the post below on his Facebook page this morning. It shows how much he has really shaken things up in Maryland – whether the perpetrators are Republicans or Democrats. His honest talk about the situation across Maryland and the United States might be why. He has also spoken the brutal truth about the situation inside the | Read More »

    Mark Levin, Barbara from Maryland, and Dan Bongino

    Last Thursday night Mark Levin talked to a lady named Barbara, a Democrat from Maryland who works for NASA. The exchange was contentious but the talk host and the caller found some common ground and Mark even sent her a copy of Liberty and Tyranny.Barbara sounds like a committed Democrat who is nonetheless a little disillusioned with vitriolic politics. She told Mark that if a | Read More »