Touré Neblett is one of those left wing grifters who has a knack for presenting really bad ideas in a pseudo-intellectual way that makes foolish people feel smart. This made him a darling of MSNBC devotees while he was a contributor on that network. Occasionally the facade slips and his underlying vapidity is revealed.  A prime example is the time argued that Holocaust survivors were beneficiaries of white privilege.

Another example is his tweet this morning in support of Kim Jong Un against President Trump. The vicious dictator of North Korea who eliminates those who might oppose him by having them eaten alive by dogs or assassinated with powerful nerve agents in airports is the reasonable one in Touré’s damaged brain. Never mind his routine defiance of international sanctions, starvation of his people, and the constant threats of nuclear attack. He said something bad about Trump therefore he must be good.

I’m not exactly a huge supporter of Trump and I have the rage tweets of morons calling me a leftist to prove it, but I have no problem with Trump saying what he said about Kim Jong Un. The hysteria on the left is reminiscent of the pearl clutching after Ronald Reagan rightfully described the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.”

The stupidity here condemns itself but he still got lit up on Twitter.

Touré—perhaps seeing another “Holocaust privilege” moment unfolding—later walked back, or at least attempted to clarify his dumb remark.

Eight years of “leading from behind” got us to the point where Kim is brashly threatening to nuke U.S. territories. There’s diplomatic lunacy and then there’s diplomatic lunacy.

Keep digging.

They’re not avoiding the issue. They’re disagreeing with your inane assessment.